Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Arrogance Indeed - a Poem

Arrogance Indeed.

God - if god there be - is
beyond my understanding;
unknowable, ineffable, dweller in endless
time and space, themselves a mystery to me.

I ponder creatures of the deep
and wonder what made these:
a mind infinitely vast
or merely evolution?

Humans, in their wisdom, take pride
in their bigger brains,
in fire power, in language; with brute
force and ignorance we try to tame the world.

But now and then, like some old dog,
it shakes itself and moves
and we, like fleas upon its back
are simply tossed aside.

And what of God - if god there be -
in all of this? The holy men
search for answers in their books
and speak of humility.

Humans need their gods it seems,
hard wired for religion, but
to make God in our image
is arrogance indeed.

© 2005

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