Thursday, 30 June 2016

Faeriefolk at Lugnasadh.

Faerie folk are out in force; it's time for celebration;
the summer festival is here for every Celtic nation.

Chariots no longer race with horses charging madly;
very few remember all the ancient customs, sadly.

Humans rarely keep them now, but faerie folk remember 
Beltane on the first of May and Samhain in November.

Imbolc comes in February encouraging the sun
and summertime has Lugnasadh with frolicking and fun.

Deep within the tangled woods the faerie folk assemble;
waiting for their day of sport they chatter all a-tremble

Woodland creatures standing by will also play their part
they know the seasons and the days- know them off by heart.

Pixies quickly saddle up  their willing warty toads,
- those who've made it safely 'cross the busy human roads.

An elf is scrambling up onto a cricket for his steed
to enter the Grasshopper Chase: a wondrous sight indeed!

Elsewhere fairies sit astride the humble bumble bees;
flying races test the nerves, but no-one misses these.

Older folk are not forgot, nor any feeling frail,
for they can take part gently: each one mounted on a snail.

Truly this will be a day to make the pulses race
To stir the blood and stiffen sinews, flush each faerie face

Before they drop exhaustedin the glorious aftermath
the faeryfolk will have a ball for this is Lugnasadh!

Lugnasadh! The very name conjures up the past.
This may be the latest one but it won't be the last.

As long as faeries live and breathe and guard the woodland way
merriment will always be the order of the day.

© Christine Stromberg
May 2002

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