Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Another Merry Christmas

Another blast from the past... written 12/24/2002 4:58 PM, before I became housebound.

Christmas Eve. Late afternoon. Sheffield.

Today I decided to go and do some shopping. It was either that or go without Christmas Dinner altogether.  I did have a cold sausage left over, but, well, you know.  It's bad enough being alone at Christmas without sitting down to a left over sausage decorated with a sprig of holly.

If I had any holly of course.

Fortunately the shops are open Christmas eve, so no problem there. Unfortunately my legs were on a go slow while debating the advisability of going on an all out strike.

Fortunately I have a wheeled shopping trolley so I walked (walked? Make that staggered) it round to where I garage my car. Unfortunately, the car had decided that this was a good day to die.  So it did.

Fortunately, the shop I wanted is a downhill walk, though of some distance. Unfortunately this means that it's an uphill walk back with a full shopping trolley.

Fortunately it was a nice dry day for a walk, and I managed to get everything I'd written on my list. Unfortunately I'd forgotten to write "Stuffing" on my list.

Fortunately the fish and chip shop was on the way home, and open, so I treated myself to battered cod and chips to eat out of the wrappings on the way home.  Not easy while using both hands to push a loaded trolley uphill, but worth it I thought.

Unfortunately it started to rain at that point, so I stuffed the yummy hot food into the trolley to eat it later. With luck it would still be warm by the time I got it home. 

Fortunately it wasn't too cold, and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately so did my cat.

Fortunately I had some time to spare so I thought it would be nice then to go online and see what delights Christmas would bring to a lonely old woman.  Unfortuately what I received was a rude email from someone I'd thought was a friend. Huh.

Things were getting better by the minute.  I poured myself a drink to calm down or cheer up, or something like that. Fortunately I had bought some in advance of Christmas. Good job too.

Unfortunately alcohol makes me ill, so I just know that I'm going to pay for this.

What more can happen? No, don't tell me. I really don't want to know.

Merry Christmas everybody.

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