Friday, 6 December 2013

Songs For Second Life

The music for this song is a traditional morris tune going back to the 18th century. It was collected by folk song collector Cecil Sharp, who in turn got it from morris dancer William Kimber. Australian composer Percy Grainger had a hit with a piano arrangement of the tune in 1919. Robert M.Jordan added the lyrics "An English Country Garden" in 1958.  I have added my own words to the tune. I don't expect it to make the charts.

In My Second Life Inventory.

How many items do I really use in my Second Life Inventory?
Most of the stuff has never paid its dues in my Second Life Inventory
Dances and a dancing floor, animations by the score
textures and sounds that called to me;
Years of hunt things I get I've never opened yet
In my Second Life Inventory.

How many objects do I really know in my Second Life Inventory?
I am convinced they multiply and grow in my Second Life Inventory.
Shoes and boots of many hues, outfits that I never use
sit in their folders patiently;
There are freebies galore from lucky chairs and more
In my Second Life Inventory.

How many snapshots never get shown in my Second Life Inventory?
Some in a viewer, others on their own, in my Second Life Inventory.
Photos of my avatar, looking like a movie star,
some with my boyfriend no one will see
There are even a few of of folk I never knew
In my Second Life Inventory.

Then there's the place I haven't yet explored in my Second Life Inventory
Lindens provided yet another hoard in my Second Life Inventory.
Avatars I'll never need, probably they also breed,
raising the total needlessly,
If I don't get it clear I'll simply disappear
in my Second Life Inven-tor-y…

© 2013

This Second Life

It's a curious world we inhabit for nothing is quite as it seems
as we walk amongst others' illusions and play out each other's dreams.
But how strong are the feelings engendered when our fantasy forms intertwine,
and the words so easily uttered seem utterly real and divine.

To become so attached to some pixels would appear to be madness indeed
but many the hearts that are broken as we fail to find all that we need.
Some will retire defeated whilst others return to the fray
to seek once again confirmation or maybe make somebody pay!

Are our lives so incredibly empty that we have to make second lives here?
Or are we just pushing the boundaries, examining that which we fear?
No doubt it's a heady sensation to be given the freedom we lack
with little or no intervention as we practise our moves in the sack!

Of course there's much more to this venture than relationships, long-lived or short;
it's a whole universe of sensations, creations and much food for thought.
For avatars, pixels, we may be but behind every one is a mind,
a person with feelings, emotions,  a soul to be seen and divined.

As you play out your various daydreams in this fabulous fantasy place,
there are those who will try to annoy you with a virtual slap in the face.
If it happens to you just ignore it, for they really aren't worth your distress.
Have fun and enjoy every minute, with each ounce of strength you possess.

© 2013

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