Saturday, 8 June 2013

Man Isn't Monogamous. A poem.

Man Isn't Monogamous.

A lot of them fancy a bit on the side;
I've seen it again and again.
Their marriage is awful, or so they confide.
So many miserable men!

But who wants to live like a virtual slave?
They must like their harrowing lives.
Perhaps its the sense of adventure they crave
as they cheat on their power-wielding wives.

For none of them actually want to leave home;
an interlude only, no doubt.
And then there are those who admit that they roam
and boast that they spread it about.

Some have their reasons: ill health or old age,
or a wife who has gone off the boil;
they're left with a hunger they cannot assuage
and a fear that their tackle will spoil.

The birds and the beasts have a similar life
for most are unfaithful it seems.
The trouble occurs when a man takes a wife
for she's rarely the girl of his dreams.

Those vows are the problem, the promise to stay,
the bit about "death do us part".
Man isn't monogamous; "I'll never stray" 
was never engraved on his heart.

Testosterone driven, they scatter their seeds;
make hay while the sun is on high.
Of course, there are women with similar needs;
we just find it harder to lie.

© 2006


  1. Though the words are few in number, they are great in truth. Well observed and penned.